they become ‘toxic’ and are hazardous to health

Potatoes are edible tubers belonging to the Solanaceae plant, as well as tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.

There are various types and mistakenly they are considered vegetables when in reality they have a composition more similar to cereals, and therefore to bread, pasta or rice.


Potatoes are rich in minerals, vitamins and zinc. Boiled they would perform a purifying and antioxidant action. In addition, they are useful for promoting diuresis and purifying the intestine. Finally, they induce sleep and calm the nervous cough.

Avoid storing potatoes in this way so as not to risk your health

Potatoes should never be stored in the refrigerator because at low temperatures the starches present in the tuber would quickly turn into sugars. Becoming sweeter would increase the risk of them rotting.

Not only. They should never be frozen because they would no longer be good to eat. Although freezing potatoes could be beneficial because they would reduce their weight. However, as mentioned, they would lose their taste and flavor. In fact, to solve this problem, genetic engineering techniques are experimented with the aim of counteracting the “sweetness” resulting from the cold.

In addition, attention must also be paid to the sprouts. They are not edible and must be removed because they contain high concentrations of two very toxic glycal-alkaloids.

The best way to store potatoes is to put them in a wooden or plastic box, side by side, in the dark otherwise they could produce solanine.

But are potatoes fattening? In fact, according to nutritionists, no food makes you fat or helps you lose weight. It depends on the quantity and the combination with other foods.

For example, with potatoes it is preferable to combine vegetables that provide useful fiber, helping the mobility of the intestine. Instead, it is best to avoid pasta, bread or fruit.


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As we have seen, potatoes have many benefits but people who are allergic to solinaceae should avoid them. And green or sprouted ones should also be avoided because they may contain a toxic substance that would cause headaches, weakness, muscle cramps and vomiting.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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