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After being shot, Robledo did not lose consciousness. On the contrary, he was even able to call 911 and report that he had been shot. When a police cell phone that was a few blocks away reached the intersection of Colombres and Rivarola, the boy was lying in the street next to his motorcycle, badly injured but conscious. The motorcycle on which Robledo was riding is a black Motomel that was in his name. When asked about what happened, the victim gave his name and address, and also provided some signs of what could have been an attempted robbery.

Thus, he said that he had been shot by two people who were driving a white Honda Wave motorcycle. And he added that, apparently, another motorcycle would have approached, a Honda Tornado or Titan, but that he did not remember the color. After providing that data, the story began to become confusing.

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Minutes later an ambulance from Sies arrived. Robledo was transferred to Heca with multiple gunshot wounds that were specified when he arrived at the hospital guard: you had two bullets in the abdomen, one in the arm and one in the right buttock. Faced with this scenario, he was urgently referred to the operating room to undergo surgery. However, after suffering various decompensations, at 7.30 on Sunday it was confirmed that he had died.

The crime of Robledo is investigated by the homicide prosecutor Gastón Avila, who ordered the first measures of rigor to initiate the investigation: a survey of the place in search of surveillance cameras, private and public, as well as the testimonial statement of possible eyewitnesses All with the aim of establishing the motive for the crime and identifying the aggressors.

Neighborhood things

Although the motives for the murder had not transcended until last night at the end of this edition, the context that in recent times has been framing the events of armed violence in the Godoy neighborhood cannot be omitted, an area that gradually mutated in recent years until it became increasingly violent.

An example of this was the murder of Lian Corvalán, an 8-month-old baby wounded on December 12, 2020 who died hours later at the Children’s Hospital. The incident occurred around 6.30 pm that day in Larralde at 3100, a few blocks from where Robledo was killed yesterday, when the baby’s father was approached by the companion of a Titan motorcycle. The attack got complicated when the child’s mother wanted to get inside the house with the baby and one of the bullets entered the door and went through Lian’s head.

As this newspaper published last week, in March 2021 prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the province (MPA) began to hold meetings with federal prosecutors from Rosario to establish intervention strategies in different areas of the city. The Godoy neighborhood was the first to appear from different resounding crimes that crossed the neighborhood in which since mid-2020 there have been at least 23 shootings and around a dozen homicides.

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In this context, last Saturday, October 2, an operation was carried out in which half a dozen provincial and federal prosecutors participated. The provincial prosecutors Matías Edery, Luis Schiappa Pietra and Pablo Socca together with the federals Claudio Kishimoto, Adriana Saccone and the head of the Office of the Prosecutor against Drug Trafficking (Procunar) Diego Iglesias managed 84 raids that were on the second and third lines of the gang of Los Monos, commanded from her cell in the Marcos Paz prison by Ariel Máximo “Guille” Cantero.

According to the investigation, which began last March, the neighborhood was managed by a criminal “franchise” organized from prison by Pablo Nicolás Camino, who reported on the actions and movements of his sheaf to Cantero. The partial balance of the raids was the arrest of thirteen people. As a result of the procedures, several firearms and a thousand doses of cocaine prepared for sale, 50 thousand pesos and 20 thousand dollars in cash, among other elements of interest for the investigation, were seized. The 32nd police station, which concentrates the events that occur throughout the southwest of the city, including the Godoy neighborhood, was also raided.


In this context, on October 6, a group of 16 young people were charged with integrating this criminal cell of a pyramidal organization at the top of which Guille Cantero was located. This group operates mainly in the Godoy, Villanueva and Bajo Cullen neighborhoods. The defendants were attributed at least five crimes, extortion, usurpation and shootings. Evidence was also exposed that they are engaged in the sale of drugs, for which the corresponding investigations were carried out in the Federal Justice.

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Of all the defendants, nine remained in prison for the term of the law (that is, a maximum of two years) while six were dictated that measure for 60 days and a young woman was released on a bail of 100,000 pesos.

The prosecutor Socca set his sights on the brothers Pablo and Jonatan Camino to understand why during the years 2020 and 2021 so many violent events exploded in that area. From a telephone survey carried out on a telephone used by Camino and kidnapped in 2020, they realized that he organized violent actions from prison on the orders of Leandro Vinardi and Guille Cantero, who could be charged this week for being in charge of this new organization criminal.

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