They asked the star Hussein Fahmy about the woman he loved the most, and he regretted it, and he answered frankly.. you won’t believe who she is!

One of the stars of the beautiful era, whose name still occupies a great place in the hearts of the audience, and who has always remained that artist who is loved by all cinema and drama lovers.

The artist Hussein Fahmy talked about the only woman he regretted because of his love for a woman and his failure to marry her.

During his earlier meeting with Samar Yousry on her program “I and I” broadcast on “ON E” channel, Fahmy explained that he loved a woman and could not marry her because she was married to another man.

Fahmy confessed his love for this woman, who did not reveal her identity, saying only that he loved her even though she was married.

The star Hussein Fahmy, during a previous meeting with Abla Fahita, spoke about his artistic career and his relationships, as he narrated some situations, the way he went through his life, and revealed his real name, Muhammad Hussein, refusing to reveal his real age.

He explained that he joined the Faculty of Law at the beginning of his life, in implementation of his family’s desire to become a judge like the rest of the family, and continued for two years, but he could not love her, so he left her and joined the Film Institute to start his artistic life.



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