They asked the artist, Wafaa Amer, about the concessions she made to the directors to enter the artistic field.. She answered without shyness and revealed all the hidden ones.!

In an old television interview, the Egyptian star Wafaa Amer admitted to making concessions to production companies and directors in order to reach fame and earn money.

Wafaa Amer admitted that she made concessions at the beginning of her career, as she initially resorted to roles of seduction in the hope of money and fame.

Wafaa Amer revealed that she needed money at the beginning of her life, so she did not refuse roles of temptation because she wanted to achieve public fame, but then she stopped offering this type of roles based on the desire of the audience who sees her in the position she has reached.

The artist, Wafaa Amer, confirmed that she had wronged herself a lot by agreeing to embody light roles that did not add anything to her artistic balance, stressing that she dropped those roles in which she relied on body language, which prompted her to rebel against these roles after the audience was bored and was a common denominator for many years. the screen .

She added: If I was offered such roles now, I would not accept them for whatever reasons, and I would not make concessions and would not accept light roles.

Wafaa Amer ran a marathon for the Ramadan series 2022, with 4 dramatic works, and participated in the series “Rejein Yahwi”, “Ghamm Island”, “House of distress” and “The Secret”, in which she presented different characters from each other, ranging from comedians and tragic ones.

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