They asked the artist, Mohamed Mohy, about the secret of his celibacy and his non-marriage, despite the passage of 5 decades of his age?? He answered boldly and revealed the hidden and hidden in public!

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The artist, Mohamed Mohy, revealed, during his dissolution and previously, on the People’s Talk program with the media, Yasmine Ezz, many of his artistic and personal secrets, and the secret of his non-marriage despite being over 5 decades old.

The artist, Mohamed Mohie, joked about his question about the reason for not marrying until now, and said that he is still “being himself”, and added that he knows that he was late in the decision to marry, but he prefers to take this decision slowly.

He added that as he grows older, he becomes more careful in this matter, but he cannot live without love, and revealed that he drew inspiration from several songs for him in his career from his previous emotional experiences.

On the other hand, the artist, Mohamed Mohie, returned to present the sequences of the series after an absence of 7 years, where he presented the sequences of the Deviation series, starring the artist Rogina, which is shown during the current Ramadan race 2022.

The star, Mohamed Mohy, also recently released his new song, a number and a pen in a video clip, and the seventh song from his new album, Btaa Zaman, written by Ehab Abdo, composed by Mustafa Awad, and a music arrangement by Rafik Akef. As for the video clip, it is directed by Kamba, and it is produced by Music Records, which is about a lover holding his girlfriend accountable for mistakes and blaming her for treachery.



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