They ask for the creation of a multipurpose Malbrán teaching hospital

Sunday, May 29, 2022


With the advanced possibility that the Medicine degree will be taught in Catamarca and having as a point of reference the management of the pandemic carried out by the monovalent Carlos Malbrán, a project was presented in Deputies to request the creation of an “Autarchic Entity Hospital Escuela versatile Malbrán”.

In the proposal presented by the official Analía Brizuela (Frente de Todos) the creation of the monovalent is recalled and that together with “a momentous event such as the imminent arrival in our province of the Medicine career”, suggests the creation of the Entity. “A Hospital of maximum complexity is proposed, responsible for research and teaching of health sciences, and for this it would have groups of specialist professors, technology, infrastructure and organization,” she says in the foundation.

Thus, within the articles of the initiative, it indicates that the purpose of the Entity and Teaching Hospital is “care for patients referred, urgent and emergency, from other hospitals in the province and, being the same level III, it will be supportive care of patients who require more complex practices, corresponding to programmatic area number 1”.

At the same time, it suggests that the Entity “will require efficient resources, for the use of technological means and quality of care, to provide the patient” and that it must also have “all the necessary equipment for hospital academic practices.” It even suggests that the resources of the Ente Hospital Escuela be constituted by the funds assigned by the Provincial Executive for its operation, together with the resources that come down from the Nation “through different health programs.” It also contemplates “inheritances, legacies or donations”.

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