A 30-year-old medical student was arrested on charges of usurp the identity of a doctor licensed to practice medicine, a situation that was discovered and reported by the family of a patient she cared for and who died in a clinic in Pilar.

The woman, Sofía Garrido Escorcia, is a medical student, but – according to the investigation – she practiced with the seal and identity of a real doctor, and was arrested last night by order of the prosecutor Andrés Quintana, of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 2 of Pilar.

In the operation, carried out in a Moreno home by members of the Intelligence Department Against Organized Crime of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA)Prescriptions, stamps, medications and documentation of interest to the cause were seized.

The alien registration

The investigation began in 2020, after the death of a man in a clinic in Pilar. The patient used to be seen in General RodriguezAnd when he was transferred from one medical center to another, his daughter realized that the doctor who treated him in the new place had the same name as the one who treated him in the original sanatorium and it caught his attention.

At that time of the transfer, the patient’s daughter asked the alleged doctor about this irregularity, who asked her not to say anything. But after her father died, the woman reported the alleged doctor on suspicion that she did not have a university degree and that there had been malpractice.

The case fell into the hands of the prosecutor Quintana, who ordered the PFA to carry out wiretaps and other intelligence tasks that allowed the collection of evidence for the search.

Garrido Escorcia is a student but to practice she used the identity of another doctor – identified by sources only as “Silvia B.” -, who already declared in the file and said she did not know her.

Quintana will investigate in the next few hours Garrido Escorcia for the alleged crime of “illegal practice of medicine” and has already convened a medical board to evaluate his role in the care of the deceased patient.

The prosecutor could also add a second indictment for falsifying titles, judicial spokesmen added.


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