a dentist what was doing plastic operations and liposuctions without have a medical degree to prove it, it was stopped and everything that was stolen from his office, located in the neighborhood of Retirement, from Buenos aires city, was given toa Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) as a donation with the aim that it is used by the faculty teachers to teach their students.

The information was released by NA And according to what judicial sources transmitted to the agency, the investigation was born by an anonymous complaint, in which there was talk of a dentist’s office that provided services on Calle Arenales at 1,200, in the neighborhood of Retirement. In addition, this person said that both plastic operations and liposuctions were performed in that place, both procedures can only be carried out by surgical professionals.

Faced with this scenario, the prosecutor María Valeria Massaglia requested an order to search the office in question and thus be able to review and take all the things that could be used as evidence in the event that the inspection had results related to the complaint. The prosecutor’s request was granted by Magistrate María Lorena Tula del Moral.

Consequently, the raid was launched and the authorities found medical records both on paper and on computers, devices and instruments used for investigative purposes, pharmacological drugs with their corresponding prescriptions, which were used for the aforementioned interventions and finally, PC and cell phones.

As a result of the evidence found, the prosecutor charged the dentist with the crime of illegal practice of medicine, which is contemplated in article 208 of the Penal Code. Later, in the framework of a hearing, it was decided to suspend the trial process for a period of one year, but the dentist was ordered to donate these items to the State: a clinical aspirator, a Dermapen device, six blisters with cannulas for tensioning threads. and different merchandise, both pharmacological and disposable, that doctors use in their practices.

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