They arrest a man in Florida who threatened on social networks to carry out a shooting at a school

AP.— Detectives of FloridaUnited States, arrested a 18 year old male after receiving information that he threatened on social networks to carry out a shooting in a school.

In a photograph posted online, Corey Anderson appeared with a pistola rifle and a tactical vest, in addition to the message: “Hey Siri, address to the school closest”, informed the chief of police of the county of HillsboroughChad Chronister, in a press release.

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Anderson was arrested Sunday at his home near Tampa. He was charged with making a written or electronic threat to carry out a shooting or an act of terrorism.

“These kinds of threats are unacceptable. The man intentionally struck fear into our community as a sick joke, but let us be clear, this is no laughing matter,” Chronister stated in his statement.

The police chief assured that his department “will do everything in our power” to track down anyone who threatens schools.

“Protect our students It is our top priority,” he added. “We take the threats schools very seriously, if you see anything suspicious, please contact us immediately.”

The arrest came less than a week after an 18-year-old man entered a school primary in UvaldeTexas, where he murdered 19 children and two teachers. In the end, the assailant was fatally shot by authorities about 80 minutes after he entered the school in a majority Latino farming community, which is located between San Antonio and the Mexican border.

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In the Florida case, agents discovered that the armas in the photograph they were aireaccording to the statement.

Anderson was booked in prison and subsequently released upon payment of a bailaccording to records.

The records did not include the name of an attorney who could speak on Anderson’s behalf to learn his position..



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