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What appeared to be an episode in a bad mystery series came to an end in France. On Wednesday, police in the Brittany region arrested the woman involved in a massive crash during the first stage of the Tour de France, according to RTL.

According to Cycling News, the 30-year-old woman surrendered to the authorities and has been accused of unintentionally causing injuries to several cyclists who were starting the race and just had to leave at the exit of Brest.

He also faces a fine of 1,500 euros (about $ 1,779) in addition to a significant lawsuit by the organizers of the Tour de France.

The fan, whose name was not disclosed by the authorities, the arrest occurred in the town of Landerneau after compiling “solid” versions of other people who were investigated during the week.

How did the accident happen?

Fan with sign causes huge pile-up in Stage 1 of the Tour de France | Cycling on NBCSportsWith less than 30 miles left in the first stage of the 2021 Tour de France, a fan held out a sign over the edge of the road that clipped Tony Martin and caused most of the field to pile up behind him. #NBCSports #Cycling #TourdeFrance » Subscribe to NBC Sports: » Watch Live…2021-06-26T15:27:27Z

This incident was one of the most bizarre to have occurred in the history of this race. In the past there have been fans who have raced alongside the riders as a way to cheer them on during the different stages, but that was something totally different.

The presence of spectators on the edge of the routes and cities to see the passage of cyclists is part of the tradition and charm of the largest event in this sport. But in this case, the woman who caused the incident did so with a sign with the phrase “Allez Opi-Omi”, a regional affectionate term that means “Let’s go Grandpa-Grandma.”

With 30 kilometers to go to finish the first stage of this event, the woman unfolded a huge poster and approached the complicated and narrow route as the platoon of runners approached. According to all the images that have been possible, he gave the impression that he was looking in another direction, apparently towards a camera, and did not see the platoon that was nearby.

The Tour organizers announced after the crash on the stage between Brest and Landerneau that they were going to sue the fan, who disappeared from the crash site.

This came close to the route that the German runner Tony Martin had to travel, who fell from his bicycle and with him also a group en masse. German Jasha Sutterlin and several others had to drop out of the race.

Martin was able to recover and is still in the race.

The Landerneau police, east of Brest, requested the collaboration of witnesses after the massive fall. He declined to comment on the arrest.

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