“They are young but they get worse”

The relaxation of restrictions and mobility and interaction among young people during the last month, have favored the expansion of Covid-19 among this age group. According to the comparative data of the reports between the viru situation in Spain on June 9 and July 7, prepared by the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), ICU patients between 20 and 29 years of age have increased by 5.6 percent.

For this reason, more and more health workers are using social networks to make young people aware of the danger of Covid-19 by exposing some of the cases that come to the emergency room. This has been done by the UCI service of the La Fe Hospital in Valencia. “We are going for the second Box Covid. Very young ages. Most intubated. Two ECMOs, one VV and one VA,” they explained on their Twitter account. “An ecmo 37 years and another 33. And a pregnant woman of 29 weeks intubated comes, with 32 years”, they related before asking themselves “if we have not learned anything in these 18 months”.

“In recent weeks, patients who are younger than in previous months are being admitted to our ICU, without being able to clarify differences in terms of men or women, with ages that are between 30 and 50 years old,” explains the service from Intensive Care Medicine a Medical Writing.

They also clarify that “some patients exceed that age group, in the case of people not vaccinated for various reasons or with an incomplete vaccination schedule.” In addition, they affirm that so far “they have only had one patient with a complete vaccination schedule admitted to the ICU.”

“The relaxation of Covid measures is the cause of outbreaks”

Among the causes that have been able to influence the increase in income among young people, they acknowledge that “the relaxation of the measures is the cause of rebounds and outbreaks”. In addition, “we find a greater movement of people at a general level as a consequence of the seasonal season, the end of the school year, vacations and other circumstances that favor mobility, such as some sporting events”

All these circumstances together with the fact that Delta variant is more contagious They explain the epidemiological situation that we currently live in both in Spain and in other European countries. However, they assure from La Fe that “the majority affectation of young people has to do with the immunization situation of the population as a consequence of the massive vaccination program developed”.

“The majority involvement in young people
is related to immunization
of the population and the program
mass vaccination developed “

On the other hand, they also highlight that “the duration of admission to the ICU of patients affected by Covid-19 has to do with the severity of their affectation and not especially with age”, therefore “those patients who present a lower severity and do not require treatment techniques or respiratory support would be those with a shorter mean stay, which could be between 5 and 7 days“.

While “patients with greater complexity, with needs for advanced respiratory, hemodynamic or circulatory support are those who have a longer mean stay, than in some cases have spread to 4 months“Finally, regarding the consequences of Covid in the youngest, they assure that” regardless of the severity, patients usually need a period of a few weeks to recover the state of asthenia, fatigue or fatigue that they present at the time discharge “.

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