The victims of the mass kidnapping are from Guanajuato. Photo: Twitter / Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office

Three people from the group that was the victim of the massive kidnapping registered in Vallarta Port, Jalisco, are still missing; as reported by the State Attorney, at the time in which he explained that of the “raised” group the majority had already been released.

Kidnapped tourists are originally from Guanajuato

It was on July 18 that the “levantón” of a group of tourist men, originally from Guanajuato, was registered, and until last weekend it was revealed what happened, in addition to the fact that it was revealed that one of the Guanajuato died at the time of the rapture in Vallarta Port.

Despite the information that was circulating about the withholding, after what happened to tourists was disclosed, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office He reported that he opened a folder of investigation into the death of the tourist, but not because of the kidnapping, since there was no formal complaint.

Latest from the Vallarta Case

This Tuesday, July 28 the Jalisco prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solís, He headed a press conference in which he reported that the agency has already opened investigation folders on three people from the Guanajuato group who remain missing.

This, then, detailed that there is evidence and complaints to support the investigations.

“We were informed that test data were obtained on Sunday in which there is evidence that various people could be deprived of their liberty. Instructions were given on Sunday to start a folder, ”said the Jalisco prosecutor.

One of the hypotheses that is stated about the mass kidnapping in Puerto Vallarta is that a criminal group was responsible for what happened.

It should be noted that in the state of Jalisco, where the abduction took place, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) operated by “El Mencho” operates; In addition, the tourists are originally from Guanajuato where the Santa Rosa Cartel is registered, antagonists of the first mentioned group.