They are still detaining immigrants arriving in boats to Florida

Last week, the Coast Guard detained dozens of immigrants crammed into a boat.

Photo: Coast Guard / Courtesy

This weekend the Border Patrol agents detained at least 187 Cuban migrants who arrived in the Florida Keysseveral of them arrived this Sunday, according to authorities.

These cases are added to the dozens of people intercepted by the coast guard, who come from Haiti, as shown in a video released by the agency these days.

Walter N. Slosar, chief of the Border Patrol in Miami, shared on Twitter the images of some boats where Cuban immigrants were intercepted over the weekend.

In turn, the Miami Herald newspaper reported that the largest landing was that of a group of 51 Cubans who arrived this morning at the buoy in the south of the state, in Key West, and Adam Hoffner, head of division, as ‘ a source cited. US Customs and Border Protection Miami Operations Office.

Slosar posted on Twitter some photos of precarious boats in which the Cubans, as detailed, arrived in the 10 landings on the US coast.

For now it is unknown if children traveled on said boatsas is often the case on some occasions, and the health status of the migrants was also not reported.

The arrest of these 187 Cubans comes three days after border authorities detained another 19 Cubans after they arrived at Marathon Key, one of the islets of the tourist Keys in South Florida.

This is a statement, The US Coast Guard reported on Friday the repatriation of 36 Cubans last Tuesdayafter several interdictions on the Florida coast.

This is “the year that our forces significantly increased our patrols with the aim of finding people in danger and rescuing migrants from dangerous and extremely overloaded vessels,” said Capt. Robert Kinsey, of the 7th US Coast Guard District, said.

According to the most recent figures provided by the federal entity, since October 1, 2021, the date the current fiscal year began, Coast Guard teams intercepted 3,963 Cubanscompared to the 838 intercepted in the previous financial year.

With information from EFE

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