They are going to federalize the health system

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented the plan for the federalization of the health system, through the IMSS-Wellness, and in which it is planned to invest close to 200 billion pesos.

In a morning press conference, the Head of the Federal Executive pointed out that this new plan seeks to guarantee the right of all Mexicans, that there is no lack of doctors, specialists, as well as medicines and that all care will be free.

“It is to rehabilitate hospitals, health centers, equip them, that there is no lack of doctors, specialists, nurses, health workers, that there is a doctor all the time in the health centers, in the hospitals, that is not only of Monday to Friday or that one can get sick on the weekend, that medicines are not lacking and that all this care is free.

“I calculate in general terms that it will mean an investment of around 200 billion pesos to leave the health system as we are imagining it,” he said.

In the National Palace, the President affirmed that he leaves it to the discretion of the states to join the plan and at the same time accused that those governments that do not want to join it is because they have agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

“There are cases where they don’t want to because they have these political commitments with the old companies or the companies that predominated in the neoliberal period, so they want to continue buying from the same companies and they have agreements, there are compromises, but to the extent that it is going to be federalized the health system, we are going to realize who is not going to participate”.

Given this, he assured that the citizens of these states will hold their rulers accountable so that they “report who is selling the medicines, who they buy the equipment from. Transparency is a golden rule of democracy”.

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Zoé Robledo, general director of the IMSS, reported that, to date, more than a thousand people from the Health Sector have participated in the census of 4,747 medical units in 13 states “in order to know the state of the facilities and the entire service. of medical care”.

The head of the IMSS indicated that this census helps to identify the situation of the health system in the medical, nursing, community participation, human, financial and material resources, general services, construction and conservation, and legal status of real estate components.

He indicated that it is sought that the health system be operated by the model of the IMSS-Wellness Program, based on a diagnosis in the territory of infrastructure, coverage, personnel and equipment.

The institute reported that IMSS-Well-being will begin on April 1. The first step will be the installation of the transition table that will be held on Thursday, March 17 and will be a dialogue table in the transfer process made up of the Nayarit government and the Health sector.



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