They anticipate a 7% increase in prepaid medicine

Wednesday July 14, 2021 | 8:45 am.

The national government is preparing an increase of at least 7% for the fees of the prepaid medicine companies as part of a combo that promises to include, in the short term, the disbursement of a subsidy of $ 11,400 million destined to union social works to compensate rising costs of disability treatment.

The adjustment in prepayments is expected to be authorized this month and will be key to unlocking the last great joint pending resolution, that of the health union, for several fundamental reasons for the government and its relationship with the CGT.

The technical health areas of the Alberto Fernández administration have already prepared drafts with the possible financial scenarios for private health companies: in all cases they were in the range of 6 to 8 percent in a single installment, with chances of establishing a halfway point, it was anticipated.

The last increase had been authorized in April for a total of 10% in two installments of 4.5%, that month, and the remaining 5.5% in May. These increases accumulated with 3.5% enabled in March, to leave a rise of 14.1% in 2021.

The imminence of the announcement for prepaid has to do with the persistent demand of the directors of these entities to get increases in line with inflation but, above all, with the lack of definition of the salary negotiation of health workers.

The increase in prepaid fees has always been a sensitive issue for all governments. With the current aggravation of a persistent inflation pattern and a health system stressed by the pandemic.

Days ago, the president shook the sector when he addressed a historic claim from the CGT and decreed the obligation to stay for twelve months in the social work of origin for workers who start a new employment relationship, and limited transfers between health entities to one by year.

Prepaid companies have about 6 million affiliates of which only 1.5 million (25%) pay their full quota and the rest are called “deregulated” who pay a part and the rest comes from their contributions to a social work.

In addition to the permanence decree, the government is preparing another measure to strengthen social works: the contribution of a subsidy of $ 11,400 million destined to compensate union health providers for the increase in the value of services for their disabled members.

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