They analyze a new process for admission to Medicine at UNA and there could be an exam to access the course

The board of directors of the Faculty of Medicine of the UNA will analyze this week a new admission process to the Medicine career for the period 2022-2023. Parents oppose the possibility of having an exam prior to the entrance course.

A new Admission process for racing Medicine, Kinesiology and Physiotherapyy Degree in Instrumentation and Surgical Areawill be studied this week by the board of directors of the Faculty of Medical Sciences from National University of Asunción (A).

It is in order to fit the quality criteria accreditation of the Aneaes (National Agenda for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education), which requires an admission process and optimizes the teaching-learning process during the entrance course, explained this afternoon the Director of Admissions, Dr. Walter Delgado.

Although the doctor pointed out that in this plan he presented different options of adaptation to board of directorswhich will only take one decision between Thursday and the Fridayparents of students are already opposed to the possibility of implementing entrance exams for the propaedeutic course, or entrance course, in the 2022-2023 period.

Parents want direct admission exams

Los parents They presented a note to the board of directors. In the document they allege that the pandemic had impact economic, academic and psychological and that “we are in a moment of instability of our young people.” They also assert that the boys who “if approved, applicants who have recently completed the Secundary level they would remain in a free condition disadvantage compared to those who have already had experience with the income and have already been prepared in a particular way”.

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Taking into account these and other reasons that, they say, would generate a “scenario of total inequality”, the parents ask direct admission examsas it happened from 2020 onwards.

Meanwhile, Dr. Delgado pointed out that precisely because of the pandemic they decided to take the entrance exams directly between 2020 and this year. However, he stated, this must regularizeadjusting to the accreditation quality criteria demanded by the Aneaes.

“Still we do not have defined the system of admission”, indicated the director. He said that as soon as it is decided, they will give it to publicity. In case the approval pre-examination al preparatory courseasserted that it will be based on the basic knowledge that are purchased in the Middle education.

“We want them to better enter to the faculty and that the best are doctors”, he asserted.



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