These zodiac signs will be the most affected by its effects

The first weeks of June 2021 are rich in emotions! The eclipse season and the retrograde of Mercury currently overlap in the middle of the Gemini season… and this astrological chaos will reach its climax during the new moon of thursday june 10, 2021. It will shake!

A solar eclipse will take place on the same day as the June 2021 new moon and will be partially visible in France between 11:55 a.m. and 12:20 p.m., according to the city in which one is located (by protecting the eyes imperatively with special glasses at the risk of burning the retina!) This phenomenon occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth. The moon then blocks the sun’s rays from reaching Earth.

In addition to offering a rather incredible spectacle in the sky, this event announces radical changes in the lives of all Zodiac signs, if we are to believeastrology. Some will have to face extreme reversals that risk upsetting their destiny.

New moon of June 10, 2021: What are its effects and influence on us?

« This new Moon is also a solar eclipse, which means that it is even more powerful than a regular new moon … and that the changes it announces will hit us even faster and harder than usual “, Predicts the American astrologer Nina Kahn in the magazine Bustle. And astrology, « the eclipses almost always initiate new beginnings and cause sudden twists in our path. »

Like this new moon eclipse takes place in the sign of Gemini, it highlights our ability to perceive, communicate, exchange, understand. ” During this lunar phase, the sun and moon will align with the Air sign of Gemini, one of the most communication-centric zodiac signs, which makes us be more curious about the world that is surrounds us », Confirms the astrologer in the magazine Bustle, before telling us: ” Her curious and cerebral energy encourages us to revise our plans before we can move forward. Planetary weather can make it difficult to understand everything that is going on in our lives right now, so trust your intuition and pay attention to any new information that will surface before making any important decisions. »

June 10, 2021 New Moon: Which zodiac signs will be most affected by its effects?

All Zodiac signs will be impacted by the effects of the new moon on June 10, 2021, but four of them will be particularly affected. According to the predictions of the American astrologer Nina Kahn in the magazine Bustle, these are the natives of Virgin, of Sagittarius, of Pisces, and of course, from Gemini. You will understand, these are the four mutable signs of the zodiac (the signs that end each season).

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Even though the energy of the new Moon is a period favorable to new departures in normal times, this solar eclipse now is not the perfect time to start something new. Eclipses are not inherently bad omen … but it is better to be on your guard for a few days!


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