These were Avicii’s last words before taking his own life

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A book that goes on sale in mid-January 2022 reveals DJ Avicii’s last words before taking his own life.

Journalist Mans Mosesson to premiere the book “Tim – The official biography of Avicii” which includes some of the Swedish musician’s writings extracted from his personal diary during his stay in different treatment and rehabilitation centers.

“They had to explain it to me in a very logical and cave-like way to understand its nature and how it is hurting me. Ouch, pain. Why does it hurt now? Discomfort”, wrote from within a rehabilitation center in Ibiza in 2015. “The Tim of the future handles pain. The Tim of the future handles pain better than the Tim of the present because there is too much pain in the present that must be addressed more urgently.

In another message he wrote that his sobriety was being very difficult.

“I have a hard time accepting that I will never drink alcohol again although most doctors ask me to wait at least a year to try beer … Obviously I don’t listen to most doctors.”

Furthermore, he explained that his life had become too intense and overwhelming.

“I started over. Those days in the hospital are the most anxiety and stress-free days I can remember in the last six years. It was a vacation, although that sounds very depressing. “

Finally, his last entry says: “The shedding of the soul is the last attachment, before it restarts!”


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