These vacation homes in Italy cost 50,000 euros, and you can buy them as a group with friends

If you really think that houses in Italy cost too much, well, there is a surprise for you. And it is a surprise that will make you think again. Of course, it is true, there are houses in Italy (especially in the city centers) that objectively cost a lot. But to know how to search there are also real opportunities.

Do you think that there is a website, easy to use and completely free, which collects all the houses that cost less than 50 thousand euros. And there are so many.

Some are in the south, others in the north and there are also some in central Italy. They are often in small towns, but not always. And even, in some cases, they are on the sea. Just use this website to discover many, and maybe buy one.

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Let’s start from the site. It is called Propertyunder50k. That’s right, literally “property for less than 50,000”. A good name, right? By clicking on the site, the section dedicated to our country, to Italy, opens directly, and from here on, that’s it.

Some houses cost much less than 50,000 euros. There are – seeing is believing – that only cost 30. They are incredible prices, considering that we are talking about Italian houses, well maintained and in often renowned areas. But the real estate market, evidently, is like this: unpredictable. We, however, can take advantage of it, and finally have our home in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea.

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