These ‘Oh, Oh Cherso’ Reality Stars Have Been Dating For Eleven Years

In reality series ‘Oh, oh Cherso’ lust usually trumped love. Yet this adventure was quite sustainable for Roos and Vincent. The two – better known as ‘Little Princess’ and ‘Sniper’ – have been together for eleven years.

‘Eleven years of love, fun, happiness, high peaks and deep valleys’, Roos van Gelder writes on Instagram about their anniversary.

‘Oh, oh Cherso’

The two Hagenese got to know each other during the recordings of Oh, oh Cherso on the Greek party island of Hersonissos. YouTuber and influencer Bibi Breijman also once participated as ‘Kabouter’ in this program, which was broadcast in 2010. At the time they were all as green as grass, but now Van Gelder and Vincent van der Lans have been around for years steady and the proud parents of two sons: Jesse and Seph.

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