These gadgets that make life easier for executives

These gadgets that make life easier for executives

Practical in many everyday situations, whether at work, at home or during physical exercises, technological gadgets have several advantages.

Connected watches, smart pens, Bluetooth headsets, touch keyboards…, certain office gadgets have become essential for technology enthusiasts in just a few years. Whether it is to save time, automate repetitive processes, do several things at once or simply feel better at your workstation, they have several advantages.
For example, the smartwatch or smartwatch has become a must-have. It incorporates a variety of communication functions. Associated with the smartphone, it displays both phone notifications, calls and incoming SMS. But still, the management of the playlist or the calendar, the follow-up of the physical activities, the sleep, the number of steps taken during the day or the movements through the GPS function. Just that! Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Fitbit, Xiaomi…, to name a few, frequently release new models, always with new features.
Your pen can also be connected. It is not content to write but also to store the writings. It has in particular an integrated hard disk, a loudspeaker and a microphone. It keeps in memory the discussions that animated a meeting and other functions and not least, it is enough to point a word of the note-taking so that the pencil finds the precise moment when it was pronounced in the audio recording. Some models can cost more than 2,000 DH.
Another trend of the moment, Bluetooth headsets are very popular with many executives, even more so with sales people. They provide comfort and are equipped with intelligent functions: interact verbally with your mobile phone, write an oral note, send it or simply save it, write an SMS or even launch an application…. Some ranges offer an autonomy of 15 hours.
Finally, the panoply of gadgets can be extended to pocket scanners, latest-generation tablets, USB keys with aromatic oil diffusers, touchscreen keyboards… Clearly, technology never stops.

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