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Food habits are of great importance in maintaining general health, through which the efficiency of the body’s systems can be maintained and protected from many diseases.

The kidneys are greatly affected by dietary habits, and their efficiency can be reduced by neglecting to drink enough water, as well as eating harmful foods, and it can also be enhanced and protected by eating useful foods.

The Food website, which is concerned with nutrition and health affairs, stated that there are 7 types of foods that prevent you from developing kidney disease, namely:

1) apple
Apples are one of the most healthy and snacks that can be eaten at any time. Apples are also beneficial in protecting the kidneys and the high pectin content in apples helps reduce risk factors associated with kidney damage.

2) berries
Berries are a great source of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, and there are many types of berries that can be added to the diet to protect kidney health such as strawberries, blue and red berries, cranberries, etc.

3) Citrus
If you want to maintain kidney health, the more vitamin C, the better. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons contain this vital vitamin in abundance, and daily diluted lemon juice has been shown to reduce the rate of stone formation.

4) cabbage
Cabbage is naturally low in sodium, which makes it a great vegetable for preventing kidney disease. It also contains a number of compounds and vitamins that are beneficial for overall health.

5) sweet potato
The amount of vitamins and minerals in sweet potatoes are great to consume at any time of the day, and their high fiber content breaks down slowly; Which makes it ideal for weight loss.

6) Cauliflower
Cauliflower is a power-packed vegetable. It contains vitamin C, folic acid and fiber in abundance, and it can be fried or even raw for maximum kidney health benefits.

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7) Cabbage
Leafy green vegetables are very important and beneficial for kidney health because they contain high levels of vitamins and minerals.

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