CoopCoop Alliance 3.0 was born in 2016 from the merger of several consolidated companies in the GDO (Big organised distribution). Established itself in the sales segment with a history of over a hundred years ago today accounts with one scandal. The new internal reporting concerns some dangerous products that the company has decided to withdraw from the shelves by offering appropriate notification to customers.

According to what has been conferred in these hours, in fact, the company has issued an official provision through which customers are invited to return the goods in exchange for reimbursement which is obtained by following the specific procedure described later in this post. Let’s find out what happened.

Dangerous goods for some people: Coop withdraws a load at risk

Under accusation are the shortbread filled with cocoa cream now banned from the company counters after the discovery of traces of milk inside them. The label, in fact, does not report the presence of components that for allergy sufferers could configure unwanted reactions. The points of sale raise the alarm with the buyers who can proceed to return the goods with cash refund or with replacement of the product with another suitable without presenting purchase receipt.

The company recommends do not consume the aforementioned product. A situation that is not at all new by virtue of the many recent examples of products marketed in recent months and then promptly withdrawn with immediate effect by some local companies, including Coop.

Meanwhile Esselunga and Carrefour are also in the sights after the shopping scandal that sparked the anger and prompt reaction of several customers.