These are the subsidies to install solar panels in 2023

Self-consumption is one of the alternatives which is increasingly spreading in homes for the production of energy, since it promotes sustainability with the environment and represents significant savings. In this sense, last 2021, The central government approved an item of 1,320 million euros for subsidies for self-consumption, batteries and renewable air conditioning.

Within the aid package, several programs are articulated, including one for self-consumption and storage in the residential sector, the public sector and the third sector, with an endowment of 215 million. And it is that The installation of solar panels in the house or building supposes a high initial investment.

Deductions in the income tax return

Given the increasing demand for this type of facility, the startup specialized in self-consumption, Soof, details the key points in terms of aid for the financing of solar panels.

On the one hand, there are deductions when paying income tax (IRPF). “The aid can be requested when the income statement is made and can reach 40% of the amount invested“, they explain from Soof. For this, two basic requirements must be met: the installation of the solar panels must be carried out by an authorized company and, on the other hand, the applicant must be the owner of the property in which the installation is carried out .

Discounts in the IBI and in the ICIO

On the other hand, there are rebates for the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and the Construction, Installations and Works Tax (ICIO). You can get up to 50% of the full IBI fee, although it will depend on the municipality as it is a municipal tax. “In the same way, with the ICIO you can get a bonus of up to 95%,” they clarify.

Aid from European funds

Likewise, the European Union also offers aid when carrying out a solar installation thanks to the ‘Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan’which is financed by the European Next Generation Funds.

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“So much so that, for residential housing, you can get up to 40% aid,” underline. If it is an installation in the business sector, large companies can get up to a 15% subsidy, medium-sized ones 25% and small ones 35%.

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