These are the pensioners who are left without the supplement of 425 euros

These are the pensioners who are left without the supplement of 425 euros

Wednesday, February 22, 2023, 10:30 a.m.

In Spain there are currently a large number of types of pensions, so many that recently the Social Security has reported on what they all are. Widow’s, retirement, disability, orphan’s pensions… And most of them have benefited since January 1 from the 8.5% increase in pensions approved by the Government in the General State Budget.

However, not all pensions have been revalued with the approval of the increase. For example, pensions that exceed 3,058.81 euros per month will not enjoy any increase, with a few exceptions. While the limit for the annual amount received with these payments can never exceed 42,823.34 euros.

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On the other hand, the non-contributory retirement and disability pensions and the Minimum Vital Income have increased, although in this case the increase is not 8.5%, but rather the increase is 15%. And, like these payments, there are also some supplements that have increased in value but to which not all pensioners have access.

Complement to reduce the gender gap

One of the most prominent supplements among pensioners is the one that aims to reduce the gender gap. This is an extra that can be requested by those who have accessed retirement between January 1, 2016 and February 3, 2021 and who, in turn, are the father or mother of two or more children. An extra that can also be collected by beneficiaries of benefits for permanent disability or widowhood.

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However, those who receive a non-contributory retirement pension or those who enjoy partial retirement will not be able to receive this extra. The amount of this payment can be 5% for cases in which the beneficiary had two children and increases up to 10% if they have had three children and up to 15% if there are four or more descendants.

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