WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the Netherlands. We list the latest novelties for you.

Almost everyone in our country does have WhatsApp. It’s a handy messaging service because you can communicate with anyone regardless of which operating system they use. Of course there are also many more options than a normal text message. Well, we don’t have to explain that anymore. Let’s talk about things that are new or may come true.

Use WhatsApp on four devices

Of course you can already use WhatsApp next to your phone on your laptop, for example. A handy feature so you don’t have to pick up your phone every time. The service now wants to expand that option. It will also be possible to use WhatsApp on four different devices. The WhatsApp Web header in the beta version of Android has made way for Linked Devices, WABetaInfo noted.

Easier media search

Another feature that is still in beta is the advanced search mode. It makes it possible to find different media that has been sent even easier. Think for example of photos, documents, video, audio and gifs. This way you no longer have to go through entire conversations and media folders to find what you are looking for. Let’s hope this feature gets into the regular version soon. Can’t you wait? Then just download the beta.

QR-codes scannen

With QR codes, it is now very easy to share a phone number via WhatsApp. You can show your code so that someone else can scan it. This way you immediately add a new contact person. A handy feature! You can find the code by going to the settings. Next to your name you will find an icon of a QR code. If you click on it, you will see your own code that you can scan and a blue button where you can scan someone else’s code.

Animated stickers

Stickers have been there for a long time in WhatsApp. Still, an animated sticker is not that old. The company introduced the new feature in June. Actually it is a combination between the sticker and a gif.

Dark mode in WhatsApp

You have probably already discovered this feature. WhatsApp nowadays, like many apps, also has a dark mode. That is good for your eyes if you want to check your messages in the evening or at night. Both Android and iOS, the service automatically applies this if you have set this in the general settings. For iOS, you have to go to settings and then display and brightness. For Android you also have to go to the system setting. If you switch on dark mode automatically or manually, this also happens in WhatsApp.

Remove media from group conversations from your gallery

You probably have a group chat in which you continuously receive videos, photos and memes. Sometimes you are not waiting for it, and certainly not when they are automatically downloaded and added to your gallery. You can prevent this by going to the group chat and clicking on the name of the group. Select media visibility and then click on no. They will not appear in your gallery.

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These are the newest features of WhatsApp that you don’t know yet