These are the new features that the new iPhone 14 Pro will bring

Always On Display in two models

This display mode, known as Always On Display (AOD), allows you to keep the screen constantly active to show some data such as the date, time, a certain image or notifications, as specified by TN.

It does so without consuming excessive power from the phone, since in OLED panels this mode only uses the pixels on the screen that are needed to display the necessary information. The rest, those that are not used, are kept off.

According to the latest edition of its Power On newsletter, the Bloomberg analyst points out that the American manufacturer plans to present this functionality integrated into iOS 16, the version with which its next iPhone will work.

Specifically, it will be the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, with the code names D73 and D74, respectively, that carry this always-on screen mode or AOD as standard.

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