These are the main symptoms of the Delta variant –

In the United Kingdom, the Indian variant of the corona virus, officially called Delta variant, is advancing. The symptoms are slightly different from the original coronavirus, making an infection even more like a common cold.

Headaches, sore throats and a runny nose are what most people get after being infected with the Delta variant. Because the corona pandemic is on its way and the symptoms are different – after all, shortness of breath and coughing are not at the top of the list – most think they just have a cold and may go on the road after all.

“Covid is behaving differently now,” said Tim Spector of King’s College London, professor of genetic epidemiology. “People might think they just have a seasonal cold and can still go to parties. We believe that this is an important cause for the spread of the variant.”

“It is very important to realize that since the beginning of May we have seen that the main symptoms are no longer the same as they were,” he emphasized in the British newspaper. The Guardian. “The main symptom is a headache, followed by a sore throat, runny nose and fever.”

The delta variant is probably 40 percent more contagious than the alpha variant and the risk of hospitalization could even double. The variant could also partly escape the first dose of a vaccine. The United Kingdom has therefore postponed the removal of the latest measures by four weeks.

Bron (nen): The Guardian