These are the intimate gels recommended by gynecologists to take care of vaginal health

These are the intimate gels recommended by gynecologists to take care of vaginal health


Sexual Health Day is near, and professionals are ready to guide us and suggest us in choosing the best feminine care products.

It is of vital importance that women take care of themselves daily with the aim of improving their emotional and physical quality of life, which is why The Day of Sexual Health is celebrated on September 4and to maintain the healthy balance that is promoted on this date, gynecologists indicate that an important element is the use of intimate gels designed specifically for women.

Being more specific, the preservation of the balance of lactobacilli is recommended through intimate hygiene gels, according to the doctor Sabban-Sarfatiadding that these lactobacilli provide protection against reproductive tract infections and produce lactic acid by predominating in the vaginal microbiota.

German gynecologist Albert Döderlein discovered in 1982 that the acidic pH of a healthy vagina protects against vaginitis and prevents the overgrowth of pathogenic microbes, thereby revealing the microorganisms that inhabit the vagina, now known as microbiota vaginal. Dr. Sabban explains that genital skin is more permeable, innervated and sensitive, making it more reactive to external agents, increasing the risk of irritation, and recommends the use of intimate gels to counteract it.

What brands of intimate gel do the experts suggest?

Among the most mentioned brands of intimate gels recommended by gynecologists include Cumlaude Lab, The Beemine Lab y Suavinex, which assist women from childbearing age, pregnancy and menopause. Cumlaude Lab has gels with a fresh texture and a mild aroma, they contain natural lactic acid, hyaluronic acid and horsetail, respecting the physiological pH of the skin, offering protection and hydration.

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CBD The Beemine Lab products offer a moisturizing and repairing gel composed of natural ingredients such as hemp, propolis, chlorella and quinoa, which contain regenerative properties that maintain the balance of the external intimate area, as well as providing protection and elasticity. to the skin, improving sexual relations. CBD has a great ability to reduce inflammation.

As for Suavinex, they offer a soap-free intimate gel that includes lactic acid and calendula, designed to care for women during pregnancy and postpartum. It is a great option to maintain acidic vaginal pH and reduce the risk of infections.

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