These are the alternatives to Google Photos that you should consider

Unlimited free storage on Google Photos is a thing of the past. And while we gave you reasons why it is a good idea to pay a subscription on Google One to expand the basic 15 GB offered by the Californian company, there are those who are not convinced that it is worth paying them. For the same reason, we have gathered some of the best alternatives to Google Photos available in the market.

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Yes. There are alternatives that allow you to reduce the space occupied by the files you have stored in Google Photos. However, these will always be subject to the amount of emails you have in Gmail and the documents in Google Drive, which are also part of the 15 GB free that Google gives you.

So if you prefer to keep the two worlds separate – like you used to do before June 1 – maybe it’s time to evaluate an alternative to Google Photos. All those that we mention in this list give you a robust free capacity, although they allow you to extend it if you need it.

iDrive Photos

Free trial: 1 TB for seven days
Single plan:
Unlimited ($1 annual)

iDrive is a platform that offers cloud storage services that start from 5 GB free to business plans that provide 50 TB of storage for an unlimited number of users.

While the free 5GB was already a good alternative to Google Photos, in June 2021 the company launched iDrive Photos. For $ 1 per year for the first year, the service offers unlimited photo and video storage from iOS and Android devices. There is also no need to adjust the quality of the images.

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Although later the service could cost $ 10 per year, it is still a more advantageous offer than the $ 2 per month per 100 GB that Google One promises.

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Free capacity: 10 GB
Plan básico (Premium):
500GB ($ 175 one-time)
Maximum plan: 2 TB for unlimited users ($ 350 one-time)

Another convenient offer is the one provided by pCloud. Unlike iDrive Photos or Google Photos, it is not a platform that has been designed in an original way to keep your audiovisual files. However, it can fulfill that function without inconvenience.

The free service starts at 10 GB, which is attractive if you only need to store photos and videos. But if you want to forget about it for a long time, it also has plans for a one-time payment of 500 GB up to 2 TB. Other of its business solutions offer 1 TB for an unlimited number of users for $ 10 per month.

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Free capacity: Unlimited, 7 photos per week
Basic plan: Unlimited ($ 6.5 per month)
Plan pro: Unlimited and website ($ 13 per month)

500px can be a good alternative if you are a professional photographer or designer who wants to share your work with your audience.

In its free option, it offers unlimited storage, although restricted to only 7 weekly photos. However, for $ 6.5 dollars a month you have no restrictions and for twice that, you have a website to spread your portfolio.

In return, all the files you upload at 500px will be public, unlike the privacy provided by other services. But if you want to spread the word about your work and eventually generate income, it’s well worth giving it a try.

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Amazon Photos

Free plan: 5 GB for all Amazon customers
Basic plan: 100 GB ($ 2 per month)
Maximum plan: Unlimited for Amazon Prime customers ($ 12 per month).

If you’ve ever signed up to Amazon to buy a product, you’ve already secured 5GB of free storage to save and share your photos and videos. However, if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime you get unlimited storage for photos and up to 5GB for videos.

If you’re not planning on subscribing to Prime, Amazon Photos offers a complementary service that resembles Google Photos, with 100GB of storage for $ 2 per month or 1 TB for $ 7 per month. The company also has business plans up to 30 TB.

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Free plan: 1,000 photos and videos
Basic plan: Unlimited ($ 8 per month)
Maximum plan: Unlimited ($ 22 dollars every three months).

Flickr was until a few years ago the storage platform for photos and videos par excellence, but it had lagged behind in the face of the onslaught of Google Photos and its limited offering. However, with the new conditions, it may be an alternative to reconsider.

Although since 2019 the free plan only allows you to save your last 1,000 files -in their original resolution-, Flickr has unlimited storage plans for $ 8 per month (or $ 22 dollars every three months), which provide metrics and the possibility of automatic backup from your computer.

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