These are the 6 evidence that Ainara presented against YosStop

MEXICO CITY.- The defense of Ainara S., the young woman who denounced the youtuber “YosStop” for the crime of child pornography, shared the complaint she presented to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City and the evidence that supported it .

The complaint was filed on March 3 and was accompanied by six documentary evidence:

  1. An 11-second video in which Carlos and two other people are seen inserting a bottle of champagne into the complainant’s vagina.
  2. Video recording of one minute and 11 seconds where five people are seen beating the subscriber and forcing her to apologize.
  3. The video recording uploaded to YouTube by Yoseline with a duration of 16:21 minutes in which she comments on the video of the rape and the fight in which the subscriber was involved.
  4. A video recording uploaded to TikTok with a duration of 3:18 minutes in which the aggrieved responds to Yoseline.
  5. A video recording uploaded by Yoseline to the social network Instagram in which she mentions that the subscriber lied by saying that she had been raped and attacked her directly verbally.
  6. Video recording published by Yoseline on Twitter in which the subscriber is seen in an obvious state of drunkenness on the day of the violation, answering questions about the crime.

Regarding this last video in which Ainara is questioned if it was a consensual act, the lawyer Javier Schütte replied:

It is absurd for social media users to share this video supposedly to discredit Ainara’s saying, because on the contrary, it is an act of proof that reinforces that she was indeed a victim of equal rape. And well, among these people who published this video with that intention was Yoseline herself ”.

The followers of Yoseline H., known as “YosStop” called for a protest on Sunday July 25 at the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

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