These are the best mobiles on the market.

Many of you know AnTuTu very well, that tool taken from the Internet that allows you to measure the power of smartphones and compare them with each other.

It is true that the score given by AnTuTu does not have to be the reason why one buys a smartphone or another (since there are other variables such as support policies, camera and user experience) but it is a good resource to know which are the most powerful smartphones of the moment. At least on paper.

And if you were wondering what they are, here we leave them.

These are the 10 most powerful mobiles of the moment according to AnTuTu

The screen of the Nubia Red Magic 6S Pro is addictive due to its 165 Hz / Image: Christian Collado

The list echoed by the digital medium Gizmochina really has something of a trap. AnTuTu has selected the most powerful September mobiles available among others in the Chinese market.

In this sense, we have the Nubia Red Magic 6S Pro as the most powerful device. A device that provides extreme power and an outstanding gaming experience, more like a video game console than a smartphone to make calls and send text messages thanks to its Snapdragon 888 Plus processor and its 16 GB of RAM. Reached a score of 857918.

In second position is el Black Shark 4 Pro, another gaming-oriented terminal that mounts the also powerful Snapdragon 888 processor. This obtained a score of 837715. In third position appears the vivo x70 Pro + and its Snapdragon 888+ processor that gives a score of 836493. This device by the way is being one of the benchmarks in photography today.

The rest of terminals that make up the list are:

As you can see, many of the terminals on this list are smartphones oriented to video games. The objective of these devices is to offer maximum power cutting in other aspects such as the camera. Hence, it is normal that they always appear in the first positions of this type of list.

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