These apps track you most often –

Many apps want your data – some more than others.
A new survey identified the 100 apps with the most permissions. The 250 most popular Android apps in the Google Play Store in Germany were included.

Runtime behavior not included

It was calculated how many permissions the application uses. Actual runtime behavior does not seem to have been taken into account. Here is the list:

  1. Google (74)
  2. WeChat (48)
  3. Facebook (45)
  4. Messenger (44)
  5. Signal (44)
  6. Gmail (43)
  7. WhatsApp (43)
  8. Samsung Internet Browser (40)
  9. Skype (40)
  10. Google Photos (10)

Bumble dating apps with most permissions

In addition, the study states:

  • Dating apps diligently track user data: Bumble is the most data-hungry dating app with 25 access requests, followed by Tinder with 24 and OKCupid with 18 access requests.
  • 45 of the 100 most popular apps in the German Google Play Store come from companies in the USA. 33 apps are developments from Germany, including, Blitzer and DAZN.
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