These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

Like every week, NextPit offers you a selection of good deals for applications and mobile games for iOS and Android that normally pay a fee but are temporarily free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This list is updated weekly and we will now be offering at least two weekly editions, Tuesday and Saturday. Between publication and the time you read this article, some apps may have become chargeable again. Google Play Store promos on apps are fairly easy to predict, but it’s more complicated with App Store promos since Apple doesn’t specify how long the discount is valid for.

Little advice: find an interesting application, but you can’t really use it right now? Install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. This way the app will be part of your app library and you can install it again for free when you need it. A good way not to miss an ephemeral promo.

Temporarily free Android applications on the Google Play Store

Android productivity / lifestyle apps temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Bubbles Battery Indicator – Charging animation (0,59 €): Personalize your smartphone by displaying discreet animation on the screen while the battery is charging;
  • GPS Speed Pro (0,89 €): (expires Monday 7): Calculate the speed and check the route traveled using the GPS of your smartphone;
  • Cosmos (2,49 €): Even the management of tasks and the calendar has not escaped the trend towards gamification ..;
  • Ping Master X Pro (0,59 €): This application promises to test different DNS server configurations to find the option with the lowest response time, thus reducing the dreaded ping in games.
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Temporarily free Android games on the Google Play Store

  • Minesweeper Pro (1,49 €): This suggestion has been kept from the previous list, and it’s basically the popularized Windows hobby on your mobile phone or tablet;
  • Castle Defender Premium (0,59 €): (includes ads and in-app purchases): Defend your castle against hordes of enemies in hundreds of levels;
  • Hero Evolution SP (1,79 €): (includes ads and in-app purchases): Take part in intense battles summoning more and more warriors in charming pixel-art style;
  • Legend Guardians (0,59  €): (includes ads and in-app purchases): Fight the forces of evil using the abilities of your heroes in battles that combine styles of JRPGs and action games;
  • Ruby Square (0,89 €): (includes ads and in-app purchases): This game features a series of puzzle games, with a concept similar to the Rubik’s Cube;
  • Stickman Ghost 2 (0,59 €): (includes ads and in-app purchases): Lightsabers, space duels, lights versus shadows? We can only wish that the force is with you;
  • Wonder Knights PV (3,59 €): (includes ads and in-app purchases): Control three heroes in this vertical shooter;

Temporarily free iOS applications on the Apple App Store

IOS productivity / lifestyle apps temporarily free from the Apple App Store

  • Create & Scan QR / Barcodes (

    1,09 €
    ): Read and create QR codes or barcodes with your iPhone or iPad, export the images and share them;

  • Lilium (2,29 €): Budget manager, with options to fill it out via Siri, home screen widgets and more;
  • miniHABITS (

    1,09 €
    Practice the “mini-habits” technique to organize daily tasks;
  • AirDiskPro (2,29 €) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Frequently featured on our weekly playlists, AirDisk lets you access your files on your iPhone and iPad (or iPod Touch) via Windows or macOS;
  • Arm Speed Analyzer (

    1,09 €
    ) (includes in-app purchases): Check your arm speed using your Apple Watch;

  • HTML Email Template (

    2,29 €
    ) (includes in-app purchases): Create pre-designed email templates, ideal for sending invitations, group events, and mailing lists;

  • Orderly (1,09 €) (includes ads and in-app purchases): Create and organize different to-do lists, with an online sync option and even location-based notifications;
  • Thunderspace Rain Sleep Sounds (3,49 €) (includes in-app purchases): Already cited in previous editions of this list, this app plays sounds meant to help relax your mind.

Temporarily free iOS games on the Apple App Store

  • Cosmic Frontline AR (3,49 €): Transform any environment into a space battlefield using the capabilities of augmented reality (or simply graphic overlays, for the most skeptical);
  • Ninja Shadow The Samourai War (5,49 €): Despite the Japanese name, you are “The Khan” and must take revenge for the injustices of the world with the help of the “one god” (instead of the gods in Japanese mythology?!?);
  • Angel Town 6 (3,49 €) (includes in-app purchases): Build your city and army and explore dungeons in this title in isometric view;
  • Future Ludo (3,49 €) (includes in-app purchases): The best-selling board game, now in a space version;
  • Magic BBQ (1,09 €) (includes in-app purchases): Spend time running a restaurant;
  • mySolar (5,49 €) (includes in-app purchases): Since we’re talking about gods, create your own star system and beat the other neighboring systems;
  • Pop & Rotate (

    3,49 €
    ) (includes in-app purchases): Pop the same-colored bubbles and try to clear the playing field in this game with simple rules, but difficult to master.

All of these applications are only temporarily free. It is possible that while reading this article, several days after its publication, some applications have become chargeable again.

Either way, we update this article weekly, usually on Saturdays. Have you discovered a bug, an application is no longer free or do you have some advice for us? So drop me a line or leave a comment.

And if you don’t find what you are looking for in this list, maybe you will have better luck with our weekly list of the 5 Android and iOS apps of the week, also published every Saturday.

What do you think of our selection this week? Have you found more interesting promo apps or games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.


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