These 59 age groupers from Austria have qualified for the Ironman Hawaii 2022

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A 3.86-kilometer swim in the Pacific Ocean, a 180.2-kilometer bike ride on the Queen Kaahumanu Highway and the 42.195-kilometer marathon with the finish line on Alii Drive – the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii is a dream for many triathletes. The race has been held in Hawaii since 1978 and in Kailua-Kona since 1982 – most recently in 2019, when Jan Frodeno won his third title in the 50th US state and Anne Haug became the first German woman to win the race.

In 2020, the race fell victim to the corona pandemic, and the 2021 edition also could not take place in Hawaii as planned and was not held until May 2022 in St. George (Utah) made up. Qualifying races were still taking place, resulting in a backlog of athletes with Hawaii tickets in their pockets. So Ironman decided to host the 2022 World Championship in two days. Also in the future, the two race days should remain to give more athletes the chance to start.

Among the approximately 5,000 athletes in the age groups, there are 497 Germans and 59 Austrians. Here’s the overview of the age groups, plus Michi Weiss for the professional men.

The Austrian age groupers at the Ironman World Championships 2022 in Hawaii

Start times = PST (in Central Europe it is then 12 hours later)

first name Of Age group Hostel Mark start time
Hannes Aichholzer M55–59 Vienna Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Marius Bock M45–49 Theresienfeld Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Alexander brown ice cream M40–44 Klagenfurt Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Christian Bruckner M40–44 Wall Sea Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Mark Tired M35–39 Vienna Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Steven Chad M55–59 Vienna Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Corinna Fenzl W50–54 Hintersdorf Thu., 6.10. 6:55 am
Thomas Frühwirth M40–44 Edelsbach Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Andreas Fuchs M45–49 Pischelsdorf Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Andreas Fuchs M55–59 Golling Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Rainer buggy M50–54 Podersdorf Thu., 6.10. 7:35 am
Heimdall Geyer M55–59 dream Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Bernard Lost M40–44 Leonding Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Peter Gruber M45–49 Aigen Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
People Hanush M45–49 Klosterneuburg Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Ronald Warmer M40–44 Hallein Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Sebastian Hutterer M35–39 Ohlsdorf Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Chris Janice M45–49 Jennersdorf Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Harold Jarnig M45–49 Costendorf 29 Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Barbara Kiener W40–44 Crème Thu., 6.10. 6:40 am
Andreas Wagon M40–44 Oberpetersdorf Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Max Kornhofer M45–49 Maria Enzersdorf Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Andreas crown M45–49 Perchtoldsdorf Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Ronald Lakitsch M55–59 Vienna Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Philip Lamprecht M25–29 St. Stefan im Rosental Thu., 6.10. 7:40 am
Thomas Lamprecht M40–44 people market Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Wolfgang Landerl M50–54 Linz Thu., 6.10. 7:35 am
Rudolph Langsteiner M55–59 Dobersberg Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Stefan Leitner M40–44 Linz Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Kurt light clutch M50–54 Vienna Thu., 6.10. 7:35 am
Walter Lima M45–49 Stockerau Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Harold Maderthaner M35–39 Pregarten Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Dominic Marek M35–39 Kobersdorf Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Reinhard Marl M35–39 Attnang-Puchheim Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Paul Marouschek M60–64 words Thu., 6.10. 7:30 am
Constance Mochar W45–49 Klagenfurt Thu., 6.10. 6:50 am
Roland Mühlbacher M35–39 Tamsweg Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Christian Nindl M35–39 Verditz Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Erwin Orthaber M45–49 Purkersdorf Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Robert Pirnbacher M50–54 Weyregg am Attersee Thu., 6.10. 7:35 am
Philip Pospisil M35–39 Vienna Sat., 8.10. 6:40 am
Veronika prunes W30–34 Steinbrunn Thu., 6.10. 6:30 am
Marcus Reiter M40–44 Klagenfurt Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Harold cabinet M55–59 Altenberg Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Christopher Schwab M30–34 Vienna Sat., 8.10. 6:50 am
Georg Schweighofer M55–59 Birgitz Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Roman Seigmann M50–54 Adnet Thu., 6.10. 7:35 am
Julian Spooner M18–24 Hadres Sat., 8.10. 7:40 am
Gudrun Steiner W40–44 Engerwitzdorf Thu., 6.10. 6:40 am
Sabine Steinscherer W45–49 Mary Rain Thu., 6.10. 6:50 am
Philip purr M45–49 Klosterneuburg Sat., 8.10. 7:20 am
Georg Freedom M40–44 Vösendorf Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Chiara Marita Salary W18–24 Wernberg Thu., 6.10. 6:45 am
Robert Taferner M40–44 Kirchberg Bei Mattighofen Sat., 8.10. 7:05 am
Henry Meadow M55–59 Bisaberg Sat., 8.10. 7:35 am
Sabine Treffner W35–39 Vienna Thu., 6.10. 6:35 am
Eric Tulle M50–54 Sankt Martin an der Raab Thu., 6.10. 7:35 am
Gabi Widhalm W40–44 Vienna Thu., 6.10. 6:40 am
Franz Wolkowitsch M65-69 Vienna Thu., 6.10. 7:25 am
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