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One healthy lifestyle can preventive against the growth of cancer cells Act. Sufficient exercise and sleep as well as a balanced diet strengthen the immune system and reduce so that too risk of developing cancer. Science has made some remarkable discoveries Made foods that inhibit tumor growth or even actively fight against cancer cells! Below you will find out which ones delicious lifesaver it is about.

Every fruit is a force – these types of fruit declare war on cancer

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – this saying is by no means an outdated pseudo-wisdom. According to a study by School of Pharmacy an der Fourth Military Medical University in Xi fight the oligosaccharides contained in apples colon cancer cells particularly effective.

Amazon book tip: Cancer cells don’t like raspberries – foods against cancer

Also the Raspberry is a real miracle cure against the disease. In her book “Cancer cells don’t like raspberries”, Prof. Dr. medical Richard Beliveau and Dr. medical Denis Gingras on the ingredients of the small berry. These support the body in destroying cells that have already been damaged and in inhibiting types of cancer such as cervical, colon or ovarian cancer.

Cancers of the digestive system, such as cancer of the mouth, esophagus, larynx, and stomach, can regular consumption of citrus fruits counteract. Their high vitamin C content is conducive to a healthy immune system and a good body defenses.

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Drink healthy – some drinks can protect you from cancer

There is good news for anyone who needs a cup of coffee after getting up to start the day. A 2020 study published in the online medical journal BMJ Open looked at coffee consumption in relation to the risk of developing prostate cancer. It turned out that that risk for the disease both ten percent lower for coffee drinkers was. In those who were already ill, their chances of survival increased if they consumed coffee every day.

The ingredient EGCG in green tea is said to have an anti-cancer effect. According to studies, it will Risk for the development of skin, colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer regular green tea consumption.

Lactic acid bacteria, which can be found in buttermilk, for example, are particularly healthy for the intestine and its flora. According to Ideal magazine, eating buttermilk can help Gut healthy and ready to defend itself to keep.

Vegetables, fruit and mushrooms – real superfoods for a balanced diet against cancer

With a healthy diet Vegetables are by no means absent. This in Broccoli The sulforaphane it contains fights tumor cells and can even do so reduce the size of tumors that have already grown. According to studies, eating broccoli once a week helps reduce the risk of developing colon and breast cancer.

Die Tomato is one of the most popular vegetables at all. In addition to its good taste, it also contains the miracle weapon lycopene, an active ingredient that has been proven to protect against cancer. For example, a study by Loma Linda University found that men who ate tomatoes several times a week, had prostate cancer less often, than those who gave up tomatoes. Also interesting: tomato paste as a miracle cure for cancer? Studies give hope – but a combination is taboo.

According to a US study, it also has a positive effect on fighting prostate cancer Consumption of white mushrooms. You can do that delay tumor growthby suppressing a specific hormone.

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Not only effective for the taste – leeks and onions fight tumors

Not just because of him antihypertensive effect garlic is a real superfood. In their book, Béliveau and Gingras explain that the selenium and chlorophyll, preventive can work against cancer. Despite its rather undesirable smell, which is very stubborn, the small tuber should not be underestimated and should be served a little more often.

The leek, from the same family, is also an anti-cancer agent. According to a study by Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan he can Regular consumption reduces the risk of esophageal, colon and ovarian cancer.

Also onion plants declare war on cancer. In 2017, Canadian scientists discovered that the flavonoid quercetin contained in red onions Colon and breast cancer cells are literally destroyed.

Amazon book tip: Cancer cells don’t like raspberries – foods against cancer

Daily consumption very simple – spices and enjoyment

It is used almost every day when frying in a pan – olive oil. Even if it is not particularly heat-resistant, the oil should not be underestimated. The contained active ingredient oleocanthal fought according to various studies cancer cells particularly effective and should therefore be used much more often when cooking.

Who likes to be spicy and themselves at the same time protect against lung cancer wants, for which is especially the consumption of Chili advisable. In a study using laboratory-grown human cells, researchers found that the caspaicin contained in the pods helps healthy body cells are not affected by cancer will.

Finally, some particularly good news all chocolate lovers: From a cocoa content of at least 70 percent, the polyphenols contained in chocolate are effective anti-inflammatory and can thus counteract the growth of cancer cells.

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