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Basil is an accessible and useful herb for everyone.
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Thanks to its properties, basil helps relieve stress and calm the nerves. Here’s how you can make a healthy tea out of it.

basil tea

Why exactly will basil help calm the nerves? The fact is that fresh basil leaves are rich in vitamins A, K, C, iron, calcium, folic acid and manganese. But most importantly, basil is useful because it slows down the production of cortisol.

It is a stress hormone. The fragrant plant helps to improve the general condition of the organs of the nervous system, reduces the level of stress and nervousness, saves from insomnia and emotional exhaustion.


  • Pour a liter of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh basil.

  • Close the container with a lid.

  • The drink should be infused for 20 minutes.

Simple and useful

Basil, or regan, means “royal aroma, royal fragrance.” It is not difficult to buy this plant in any greengrocer or market. Basil has been used in traditional medicine in South Asia for thousands of years. During this time, it gained a reputation as a powerful healing plant, which is confirmed in the modern world by researchers and practitioners.

Basil, thanks to a unique combination of pharmacological properties, is able to cope with stress of various kinds: physical – relief of tension from prolonged physical exertion, exposure to cold and excessive noise, chemical – protection of organs and tissues against industrial pollution and heavy metals, metabolic – normalization of blood glucose levels, blood pressure and lipid levels, psychological – which positively affects memory and cognitive functions, relieves anxiety, shows antidepressant properties.





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