“There was no mom or dad”

Christian Nodal leaves everyone shocked by confessing that he would have tried to end the “Mexican regional”, he completely opened his heart and shared a hard episode by leading the cover of Rolling Stones.

Now the singer, Christian Nodal seems to follow in Belinda’s footsteps and stars on a solo cover in a recent issue of the famous Rolling Stones magazine in its Spanish version.

Among many aspects that the “compositor” deals with his past and current life, the famous 23-year-old interpreter also confessed chilling episodes he went through and in which he managed to be rescued by an angel.

His grandmother, who fortunately could have avoided a tragedy after the then still young “compositor” tried to jump from a second floor, in the absence of his parents, his grandparents became his protectors and angels in the life of the one who would be destined to triumph, who at that time did not even imagine it.

“There was no father, there was no mother. My parents were my grandparents. Once I wanted to throw myself from a second floor, believing that it would hurt me, but my grandmother saved me,” one of the harsh confessions in the publication would refer.

The story of the interpreter of great successes such as “Goodbye Love” details how it was the moment in which his grandmother appeared at the precise moment and who he insulted for what he planned to do remember: ‘Christian! Kid p3nd3jo!’

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childhood of Christian Nodal It was not easy, as he himself would tell in the “minute that changed my life”, his mother suffered from constant episodes of epilepsy, which intensified after they moved to the United States, he says.

So it was almost certain that he would come home from school and see the ambulance outside his house, this since he was little, although he already understood by then, for a child it would not be easy to live it every moment, he would let glimpse in the last interview, something that comes back to life in this recent edition.

It was very hard, coming home from school and hoping my mom wasn’t having a seizure.

Also, the “originally from Caborca“, eldest son of Silvia Cristina Nodal and Jaime González, owners of JG Music, went through several family changes, although he did not experience the first separation from his parents since he was still very young.

After some crises that her mother would present a few months ago where she believed she was very ill after receiving a serious diagnosis, the mother of the singer-songwriter She was extremely proud of what she had achieved.

Christy Nodal was the first to cheer on her son after this new recognition, after being the “first regional” who now appears on the cover of the recent issue.

What pride my old man! Congratulations Kisha!

It is read in the reaction by Silvia Cristina Nodal towards the interpreter of “Schnapps”, “Lemon with Salt”, among many other songs.

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In the same way, the one born on January 11, 1999 in Caborca, Sonora, addressed details of his relationship with Belinda to the point of having had a controversial dispute with J Balvin with whom he touched sensitive fibers in the midst of the appearance that Nodal has worn in the last weeks.

On the other hand, the ranchera music idol who was recently awarded at the Tú Música Urbano awards, also seeks to venture into other genres such as cumbia, bachata, salsa and even lying corridos.

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