There is no talk of Bruno de Encanto, success on Billboard, Spotify and TikTok

Since its premiere in Disney +, Charm, the new animated movie from the mouse company, has started to take leaps and bounds not only in the movie industry, but in music.

His soundtrack suddenly stormed the Billboard charts to take them by storm, even over the acclaimed 30 from Adele, which is saying enough. What is the password? The richness of Colombian music is a mixture of salsa, vallenato and cumbia.

However, it is one piece in particular that has stolen the attention of Internet users: Bruno is not talked about, made of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco.

Regarding individual success, this song has also crept into the fifth place on the Billboard Hot 100, jumping 45 places, in addition to being the most played single on Spotify and the one that causes the most fury in Tik Tok.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno (originally composed in English) is breaking the expectations of Disney, despite not being chosen in competitions.

This song deals with the story of a member of the Madrigal family, Uncle Bruno, who has been exiled due to situations that give greater weight during the film’s journey.

With this, Bruno is not talked about joins a select group of songs that have reached the highest rankings in sales and popularity, along with Can You Feel The Love Tonight de Elton John The Let It Go de Idina Menzel.

Why Bruno is not talked about can’t win an oscar

Despite being the most loved by the public, it will not be nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Original Song.

And it is that this award does not have to do with popularity, but with the projection of the production houses in the awards and their bet was set on a song by a better-known musician: Sebastian Yatra.

That’s how it is, Disney submitted instead to the preselection of the Orguitas, an acoustic ballad in Spanish sung by Yatra.




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