Cesar Quispe

The next visual riddle it will push you to the maximum to develop the objective and the first attempt. Remember that you only have 4 seconds to do what is asked of you, which is to identify the error in an image that appears to be perfect, but is far from it. The image shows a blonde woman in a dress that is very similar in color to her hair. She is holding a cell phone while she is standing in front of a mirror. At first glance nothing is wrong in that scene, right? Well, we tell you that you must pay attention to the details to find the mistake.

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We are not exaggerating when we say that this visual riddle has taken the boredom out of many people. After participating in the one in this note, encourage yourself to join others like the one that consists of find out where a bus is going. If that one doesn’t appeal to you, you also have the challenge where you should locate a rider in the painting of a horse.

Sport Look here the image of the visual riddle

sport The error in this illustration is not visible to the naked eye.  (Photo: cool.guru)

The error in this illustration is not visible to the naked eye. (Photo: cool.guru)

Sport Look here the solution of the visual riddle

There are visual puzzles that are very difficult to overcome. The one we present to you today is one of them. The people who sang victory here are really few. If you couldn’t identify the error, find out what it is by looking at the image below.

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sport This image indicates what the error is.  (Photo: cool.guru)

This image indicates what the error is. (Photo: cool.guru)

Sport What is a visual puzzle?

A riddle is a pastime or game that consists of finding the solution to an enigma or finding the hidden meaning of a sentence only through intuition and reasoning, and not by virtue of the possession of certain knowledge. The difference of the riddle with the riddles is that these pose the enigma in the form of a rhyme and are generally aimed at children.