There is a Phase 0 of Marvel full of movies that you probably do not know

Did you know that there is a Phase 0 in the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This is a surprising idea that could baffle fans. But the truth is that before Marvel was synonymous with blockbusters, it had already made some attempts to bring its publishing world to the cinema. Not all lucky; most of them leave much to be desired in terms of quality and collection.

From two different versions of The Punisherto a duology of The Fantastic Fourgoing through two of Captain America of questionable quality. Marvel tried again and again to take its iconic characters to a new dimension and more than once failed in the attempt. But now, the newly born MarvelOrder website aims to recover what is, in some way, the history of the most successful franchise in the world. After all, the singular, messy and mostly unknown franchiseincludes a version live action of Howard The Duck. A character who was included as an unexplained easter egg in both the duology Guardians of the Galaxylike in the animated series What would happen if…?

So there is a lot of so-called Phase 0 material to delve into that you probably don’t know. Or in any case, be so incomprehensible as to be confusing. What to do with the television version of the Hulk? Or the repeated attempts to adapt Spider-Man, which had no repercussions? MarvelOrder seems to have an answer for all those questions. And even better, meticulously arranged and ready to be consumed by most of the fans. Could the investigation of the creators of the site become material for discussion? At the very least, it’s likely to pique the interest of Marvel fans more curious about the studio’s history through time.

All That Great Series Of Names Marvel Wants You To Forget

men in black

One of the merits of MarvelOrder is that the investigation ranges from box office disasters to incomplete projects during Marvel’s so-called Phase 0. He has also gone to the trouble of researching films released by other production companies, studios and film companies.

As if all that work wasn’t enough, they seem more than willing to lend a hand to work on Reddit. And it was the user u/purforium who called the large amount of material on the page “Phase 0”. It is a more than adequate name to go through the complicated spaces of Marvel, long before being an unstoppable success. And of course, long before the explosion of characters and visions that he enjoys today.



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