“There is a lot of gossip”: Eduin Caz decides to tell his truth about his emergency hospitalization

Written in CELEBRITIES the 9/5/2022 · 07:49 hs

Eduin Caz raised concern after it was shared a video in which he was rushed to a hospital. There was not much information, only a story on his Instagram account in which he wrote: “I’m fine family.”

Therefore, when the record was made public, fans of one of the voices of Firm Group They went on alert. Naturally, Rumors began to circulate about the reason why Eduin Caz was hospitalized. From a heart problem to drug use, were some of the versions that circulated.

For this reason, Eduin Caz chose to perform a live on his Instagram account to refer to the reasons that took him to the hospital urgently. Clearly physically handicapped but in good spirits, the voice of Grupo Firme said that Friday’s concert had to deal with many technical problems. Even the option of suspending it was handled.

Therefore, already on stage, the singer vented his frustration by drinking more than he should have. On Saturday, in his fifth concert at the Foro Sol de México, the situation was different. The anger was replaced by joy and as a celebration, the artist returned to drink excessively.

These two days of drinking, plus the celebratory dinner at the hotel with his friends and family, led to Eduin Caz suffering from heartburn. “It was a pain in the heart and in the back. I fell and collapsed. My chest and belly felt hot, as well as being set on fire. I couldn’t stand it and I fainted”counted.

“The same heartburn looks for a way to get out. I didn’t want to vomit, I didn’t feel like vomiting, everything was burning inside me”he added, later regretting that he will have to start all from scratch his training that he started prior to Coachella.

In addition, he spent a few words to deny the media that said his hospitalization was due to other reasons. “I already saw what they are saying, like a heart attack,” he began by saying, to then ensure that the press has no contact with his team. “They are giving wrong information”, he added.

He also ruled out drug use. “I saw on other pages that due to overdose. I don’t use drugs”sentenced.

See Eduin Caz’s explanation of his hospitalization



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