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A healthy diet is necessary to improve health and lose weight in the face of obesity and overweight, however there is a stigma towards the term diet

A better understanding of food based on nutrition education would change the current landscape

NotiPress.- According to the World Health Organization, malnutrition, overweight and obesity represent large numbers of malnutrition in the world, with 462 million people undernourished. Expert advice is to eat a healthy diet and regular physical activity; however there is a misunderstanding about the term diet, antagonizing healthy eating for the population.

The problem of malnutrition in all its forms is deeply rooted in various countries and is expected to intensify after the Covid-19 pandemic. Only in Mexico, the 2018 National Health and Nutrition Survey pointed to obesity and overweight as a highly prevalent problem in the population. In figures, one in three school-age children, 35% of adolescents, and more than three-quarters of adults suffer from these conditions.

National and international efforts recommend a healthy diet as the main measure against these diseases, in addition to strengthening food and nutritional security. However, studies such as that of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity highlight 8 out of 10 respondents fail in their diet to lose weight.

Matías Marchetti, a nutritionist specializing in family behavior, declared in a statement for NotiPress his perspective towards diets and to what is the failure of diets due. “There are two aspects of this word that we tend to misunderstand, […] the first is its purpose, since we always associate it with weight loss. In fact, it can be designed to complement a sporting activity, to enhance certain nutrients during pregnancy, to gain muscle mass or to combat disease, among other purposes ”.

“The second mistake is that we link it to the famous” photocopy “full of meals for the week, with boring, monothematic and, many times, wrong ideas, while, in truth, it has nothing to do with that. On the contrary, diet must be more related to a change in life, mentality, habits, in which the whole new eating plan is tailored to each person ”.

For Marchetti, who recently published a book on his #MarchettiRules Method, the diet is a “food construction based on safe and nutritious products.” His method seeks to make people better understand food and how ultra-processed foods are common foods that damage health. “In this way, we will have a healthy relationship with food and we will be able to access, from time to time, to pleasures that will not harm us because they will be part of an intelligent planning”.

As described in his new #MarchettiRules Method book. The attitude to learn to nourish yourself and eat what you want, nutritional education and not prohibition is the ideal in a healthy diet. Considering a change in eating habits, a better understanding of diet and what each food contributes, could improve the perception of healthy diets.

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