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As I begin to write these lines, Loidel Chapellí Jr. has 13 games in the Dominican Summer League (DSL) with the Chicago White Sox branch. The prospect managed by ThOr Representaciones is batting .388 in 60 plate appearances with eight extra-base hits (including two home runs), 14 runs scored and nine RBIs. At least initially, the DSL has been too small for one of the best Cuban hitters in the history of the U-15 Baseball World Cups.

The Camagüey Bulls enjoyed the 20-year-old and 5.7-foot-tall player for a couple of National Series, however, since his debut in local classics when he was just 17 years old, the prospects of the native of the Guáimaro municipality have changed a lot.

“I finished the last game for the bronze, as is well known. I got to the hotel, I got into the pool for a while. Then the people from the team got in. I took advantage and went to the room. I picked up my things. There was a parking lot close to our rooms. There I took a car and left ”he tells us exclusively about his escape from the 2021 U23 World Cup held in Mexico.

“I made that decision during the tournament. I did not intend to stay, but I changed my mind after calmly analyzing the situation in my country. Thank God, everything went well for me” she adds.

The father of our interviewee, Loidel Chapellí Sr., played 14 National Series with a record of .328, 103 home runs and 687 RBIs. It had a lot to do with his son’s predilection for the ball: “I took my first steps for my dad. Since I was a child I watched him train in the Camagüey team. Maybe he didn’t think I was going to be that good, however, after a few years out of the country, he saw my progress and gave me the push he needed. ”

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Not having that great physical stature, have you found opposition at certain times?

“That’s a bit of a difficult question. There are always detractors who criticize for the size. That’s what life is about, dealing with people and what they think. What you can not be out of focus. I try not to think about it. They say that in baseball short players have to do more. That’s what I’m trying.

El Chape Jr. reached splendor during his second season in Cuba. He hit .317/.442/.496 in 314 appearances in the home plate. She had seven homers with 31 brought to the plate. In that season, he compiled .300/.447/.457 in 183 appearances with running backs and drove eight times to tie or lead as testament to his opportunity.

In your second year of the National Series, you considerably improve your hitting power with your first seven home runs. What adjustments did you make?

—For that Series I prepared almost the same. I was in the house for a long time due to quarantine. While many did not take advantage of that time, I trained with heavy bats and poles. He went almost every day to practice at the Guáimaro field.

››In the National Series I learned to be aggressive when hitting. Before he let me sing a lot strikes. I also learned to be above the pitcher, and not let them get on top of me.

Your main progress while training in Mexico after the escape.

—In Mexico I improved my speed. My legs feel stronger. Now line hits walk me more. The scout the White Sox sent me to play second base, and I’m more versatile on defense.

In addition to the White Sox, the Texas Rangers offered detailed monitoring to Loidel Chapellí.

People who came to mind when you signed with the White Sox.

—I thought of my mother, my grandmother and my brothers. I make this sacrifice for them, so that they can live a little better. Especially for my brothers, so that they have a future.



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