There are public viewings in Aargau

European Football Championship

There are public viewings in Aargau – which protective measures apply

The European Football Championship starts on Friday. Which protection concepts apply to public viewings and where you can watch the games in Aargau.

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The European Football Championship begins in a few days. Switzerland will play their first game against Wales on Saturday 12 June. With the latest easing by the Federal Council on May 26, organizers of public viewings have been given some leeway. However, special protective provisions still apply.

Which protective measures apply?

If the public viewing takes place in a restaurant, the new rules for gastronomy apply. While a maximum of four people can sit at a table in the interior of the restaurants, six people can sit outside. However, viewers have to register in order to be able to trace any infections.

If a public viewing is organized as an event, a maximum of 100 people inside and a maximum of 300 people outside may watch the game. Regardless of this, however, a maximum of half the capacity may be occupied. In addition, the spectators must sit in an assigned seat, wear a mask and keep their distances. Eating and drinking at the seat is allowed, provided that the contact details of the guests and their seat number have been collected.

Differences in Aargau

The providers in Aargau handle their public viewing offers differently. Football enthusiasts can only watch the games in the Wasserschloss stadium near Vogelsang or in the Geissmann football garden in Villmergen when the weather is nice. Reservations are not possible. Not so in the Perry Lounge in Oftringen, for example. Pre-registration is mandatory here. There are also differences in terms of entry. While the Musigburg in Aarburg does not charge entry for the games, a guest in the LägereBräu beer garden in Wettingen pays 40 francs per person. Table reservations, appetizers and dessert platters are included in the price, according to the website.

Many large organizers have canceled the public viewings due to planning uncertainty. But restaurateurs and smaller organizers are now benefiting from this.

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