Theodosius I, the unknown emperor of Hispania who held Rome together against the barbarians

Cesar CerveraCesar Cervera



During the second century AD the walls of Rome fell in a sense that might have sounded insufficient to Hannibal Barca, but which forever changed the composition of the empire. Except for Claudius, who was born by chance in the province of Gaul, no emperor had reached the head of Rome having been born outside of Italy until the arrival of Marco Ulpio Trajano, who was born and educated in the city of Itálica (next to present-day Seville). This Hispanic emperor was followed Adriano, also with Iberian blood, and monarchs from the most remote corners of the empire. Septimius Severus, scion of a Punic family from Libya; Heliogabalus, Syrian; Philip, of Arab origin …