Théo Maledon was founded by the Hornets in Boston!

Last night Theo Maledon was on the field in the intermediate game for the Hornets in Boston. No running away: all of North Carolina’s leaders were injured and the Hornets suffered a monumental blow. Boarf, it’s done. Steve Clifford gave the French his chance two-wayand Theo pulls the strings of a stable and guaranteed contract in Charlotte more and more.

Game sponsored by the Red Cross last night in Boston. The guys from Bean Town had to deal with the absence of Jaylen Brown and Al Horford, not to mention Rob Williams who has yet to start his season. On the horn side, the list of injured is almost longer than that of the players present: LaMelo Ball, Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward, Dennis Smith Jr or even Cody Martin were all absent subscribers. The kind of game that we often know the outcome of in advance, but at least has the merit of giving players a spot usually relegated to the end of the rotation.

It was in this atmosphere that Théo Maledon was able to start the game with Kelly Oubre Jr in the backcourt. Mixed results for the former Villeurbannais, with 11 points, 8 assists and 3 interceptions sure, but honestly bad percentages (4/13 shooting and 1/4 from a distance) and too many fouls (5 bullet losses). However, Maledon has already helped in the win over Wolves, with 14 points in 25 minutes off the bench.

The young Frenchman, chosen in 34th position de la Draft 2020 by the 76ers then traded in stride to Oklahoma City in the company of Al Horford, played two seasons under the colors of the Thunder before being sent to Houston in September. The Rockets unfortunately decided not to keep the Frenchie, but it was ultimately the Hornets who decided to give Maledon a contract two-waynamely a “trial” contract to determine whether or not Theo has a place in Charlotte, and whether he will have to return to prove himself in the G-League, with the Greensboro Swarm.

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Given the trust that seems to be placed in the former ASVEL player, the current minutes bonus for Théo Maledon sounds like a real opportunity to sign a new contract that guarantees him a spot on the North Carolinian roster. The precarious situation in which a player faces two-way is not enviable, and certainly not ideal to perform at the best level, but the attributes of Maledon, be it defense or IQ Basket, are obvious and will undoubtedly earn fifteen minutes every night in the Grande League . He held the right side, wishing he wouldn’t let go.



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