their prices and the effect of inflation are sinking their cost

The end of summer, once marked by the Galaxy Note, is already marked by the Samsung Z series, its folding, which pick up the witness of the range previously known for its large screen sizes and the inclusion of the S Pen. Now that the new Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 have been presented, we are going to analyze their prices.

Although in recent years, mobile manufacturers have generally shot up their prices for the super high range, going from anecdote to customary the launch of terminals above 1,000 euros; Samsung foldables have maintained a distinct trend, helped by the amortization of their designs and components to which we only have to add the effect of a triggered inflation to have an evolution in the opposite direction to what has been seen in telephony in recent times.

More noticeable in the Flip than in the Fold

This trend can be seen in the Fold series, but even more so in the Flip: from original foldables that exceeded 2,000 euros and were close to 2,500 (especially if we adjust their prices for inflation), now we see how the Fold continues to fall in price ( 10 euros cheaper from one year to the next, which is more than 200 euros less if we take into account the effect of inflation), while the Flip consolidate an even more accentuated trendwhere for just over 1,000 euros it is possible to get a folding recently launched on the market.

Although the Z Fold 2 saw a price increase over the original model, caused by a nominal increase with virtually no inflation at the time, all subsequent models have sunk their prices in real terms. That is, accounting for the average increase in the cost of living. In the Fold series, 17% and 11% year-on-year. In the Flip series, 34% and 8%.

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Folding Prices 002

Price drops that, inflation aside, have their origin in that amortization, in the same way that we have already seen in OLED televisions; or more broadly, in the game console industry.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, first impressions: repeating the winning formula is as successful as it is dangerous

This succession has occurred in a context in which a pandemic on the way caused a shortage of components, a shortage of chips, an increase in the cost of raw materials and higher transport costs, and that even before the invasion of Ukraine will skyrocket the price of fuel.

If the European and US measures to contain inflation by raising interest rates take effect and the price increase slows, we could see an even more pronounced fall in the prices of the folding for the next generation, and perhaps to see a folding below the psychological barrier of 1,000 euros as a starting price. Only another 100 euros of discount left.



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