their brief idyll unveiled by Orlando

Orlando, Dalida’s brother, will be present in the musical program Come on, I’ll take youbroadcast on February 25, 2022 on France 3. Interviewed on this occasion by TV Starhe indicated that his sister had had a brief romance with Alain Delon.

In 1973, Alain Delon and Dalida sang in duet Words, words…, from the album “Julien…”. A tube that has become so cult that the expression “lyrics, lyrics” has entered everyday language, to evoke broken promises. Near TV StarOrlando, brother and producer of Dalida, returned to the history of this title which he will also discuss on France 3.

“There was a story between them”

I had heard it during a stay in Italy. (…) As soon as I heard it, I said to myself that it would be a good song for Dalida. I called the publisher to block the rights. I had Dalida listen to it. She was immediately enthusiastic and thought of Alain Delon“, said Orlando. At that time indeed, the singer was already close to the actor. “They had met in Paris, at their beginnings, in the mid-1950s. They occupied maids’ rooms on the same floor“, continued the producer.

The two celebrities even had a short romance, long before recording their duet. Idyll of which Orlando was made aware late: “They met again in Rome around 1963-1964 and there was a story between them. I was not aware of their idyll, I only learned of it when the disc was recorded. It took place in November 1972 and it was released in February 1973.

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