The zero hour has arrived.. What will happen next week, the famous astronomer Michel Hayek frightens everyone’s hearts.. with terrifying predictions that are the first of their kind.! !

The pioneers of the communication sites recirculated a video of the famous Lebanese astronomer, Michel Hayek, about his new expectations that startled the followers.

Through the Lebanese MTV channel, Hayek spoke about Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and most Arab and European countries, expectations that were described as melancholy, and some demanded that he stop saying such expectations that cause panic, including the Syrian artist Abed Fahd.

From Egypt, the Lebanese astronomer predicted great successes for the brothers Amr and Emad El-Din Adeeb, as the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh regained its glory and overcame attempts to break it and extinguish its luster.

Hayek said that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, will go from madness to madness and rise above the law despite the danger and the ban. The international player, Mohamed Salah, is also facing plans to break it, but it fails and the hero remains as a charged horizon flutters above him and overcomes attempts to hinder him.

His predictions extended to the pyramids, where he said strange signs would appear in and around them, and above them lights and objects appearing and disappearing, leaving scientists and followers puzzled.

During 2022, as the Lebanese astrologer claimed, Egyptian art, old and new, will be crowned, honored and universal.

Saudi Arabia Hayek revealed some predictions related to Saudi Arabia, including the crossing of a flying saucer in the sky of Saudi Arabia.

Lebanon and Lebanon, and contrary to his political expectations that sparked the controversy, Hayek said that this time Lebanon will see a long international film by the Lebanese composer Ziad Rahbani, and the attention of the whole world will turn to the miracle composer ,

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What will be global in 2022, Hayek said that beauty in Lebanon did not end with Georgina Rizk, Miss Lebanon, who represented her in international forums, but the expectations and victories are high in this area in 2022.



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